electronic notrzation

So glad you are here.

We are Natasha and Beka, the mother-daughter founders of Remote NotarEZ. We have been working in the notary industry since 2015. We started out in the traditional notary and signing agent arena and added electronic notary to our portfolio of notary services in 2018. And we have learned a few things about the remote online notary process. For example, which is the best and most compliant e-Signing application to use. Or how to ensure that everyone can trust our enotary process by being part of all the steps when we remote online notarize their document. We have designed Remote NotarEZ based on our experience of what our clients need and how to make it as easy as possible to get their documents remote online notarized.

Our Notaries.

We are here to give you a “WOW, that was easy” experience. Each notary has been trained and tested to understand all notarial acts. Also, they all are insured. As notaries, we understand that you may have questions about the notary process. Please note, we cannot answer legal questions. This is for your protection! We are not Lawyers and never want to give you bad advice. Best practice is to consult a lawyer if you have legal questions or in doubt about what you are signing. Our notaries will never have you sign anything you do understand or feel uncomfortable with. electronic notrzation