Gold shipping company in Guinea

About Belatrix Logistics
Belatrix Logistic Limited is managed by high profile well known, elite and experienced personnel in the cargo and ship handling industry and its consider as one of the best shipping company in sierra leone . Every team member has experience in the industry of not less than six (6) years.

Each of them is focused on enhancing our services in a particular discipline be it customer relations, official computerized data and operations to meet the dynamism in the cargo handling industry. We are equipped with technical know-how personnel and logistics to effectively carry out assignments on the ground and in the office in a time effective manner.
This facilitates giving us hands-on service to all our customers at all times.Our experienced team has expertise in the area of port agency and cargo handling services including: Port agency – Sea Freight Services – Consultancy & Customs Documentations- Clearing & forwarding – Logistics – Cargo canvassing – haulage services and other satisfying services.
We do not only poses the know-how but also has backing of the latest information technology and an effective communication system to enhance service deliver. Belatrix Logistic can be contacted by telephone, cell and email accounts which are online 24/7 hrs to receive and respond to any queries.At Belatrix Logistics Limited we understand that sometimes our customers need to move high valued heavy cargo like Gold, to and from countries in which they themselves aren’t based.
Belatrix Logistics Limited transport is conducted to the highest standards of industry professionalism by dedicated staff working under stringent operating procedures and compliance regimes.
Our high value service and low cash transportation cost offer the same great high security service, With A secure transaction can save you from foul play, and thus the escrow system provided by Belatrix will help mitigate risk and enable smooth transactions. Leave your horrible business experiences in the past because this is about protecting your payments and precious minerals.
We also provide comprehensive management of Gold bullion (collecting, tranporting and depositing). Belatrix Logistics Limited ensures a smooth and safe transaction. Our state-of-the-art processing technology is available to clients to receive, count, secure and deliver your valuable Gold and Precious Minerals.
Our available facilities also allow us to ensure the smooth transition of your cargo through every phase of the transport cycle. This is combined with our outstanding levels of customer service and our tailor-made, flexible solutions. Gold shipping company in Guinea