The VXN Lifestyle community is a safe, discreet and non-judgemental global community where Stag and Vixen partners can and will meet with other likeminded, respectful people who enjoy this adult lifestyle.
If you are already familiar with the scene and looking to meet new like-minded people then welcome to VXN Lifestyle, your new place to connect, liberate and play. If you have recently come across the term Stags and Vixens and are keen to learn more, welcome. This is a safe environment to explore no matter wherever you are on your journey. Be bold, try something new and embrace the VXN Lifestyle.
Who is a Stag and Vixen couple? In short, a Stag enjoys his Vixen being desired and sexually enjoying herself with other men (her Bull) or another lady. After a Stag witnesses or she narrates her adventure back to him in great detail, he is biologically obliged to reclaim his partner and enjoy the heightened senses that come with the experience of the loyalty and unselfish devotion they have for each other. It is important to recognise during these sexual adventures there is no humiliation by anyone, it is a respectful and highly sexually charged experience. The roles can of course be reversed.