learn how to own a medical assistant school

Become A Medical Assistant School Owner Today. To Learn More Call (800) 906-0954GET IN TOUCH WITH US
How To Start Medical Assistant Academy Inside Your Practice
You can put our proprietary school inside your practice. We have already done all the work, Including: Lesson plans, curriculum, state licensing for school, enrollment, school administration, staffing, marketing and management.
Learn how to start a medical assistant school in your practice. You can run the business after hours when the practice is normally closed. Then you allow your staff to teach the class or you can use one of our instructors.

Own a mental assisting school in your city just call us and find out if your area is available because we only allow one school per every 30 mile radius. If your area is available then you can buy a medical assistant school from GMAX Hands-On University and start your school today. learn how to own a medical assistant school

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