Multispectral Mapping

The Pioneers in UAV-Based Geospatial Services: An Inside Look at Geospatial Northwest

In today's fast-paced world, technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, and the field of geospatial services is no exception. Traditional methods of land surveying are increasingly being replaced by advanced technologies like drone surveys, LiDAR mapping, and multispectral imaging. One company leading the way in providing cutting-edge geospatial solutions is Geospatial Northwest. Specializing in UAV-based LiDAR, multispectral mapping, and a variety of other services, the company has become a trusted partner for engineering and utility consultants across various industries.

Acquiring Accurate Data with Drone Survey and LiDAR Mapping

Gone are the days when land surveyors had to spend days or even weeks on a site gathering data. At Geospatial Northwest, the process is not only expedited but also more accurate, thanks to drone survey technology. Drones, as an acquisition vehicle, allow the team to collect high-quality aerial data in less time, enabling quicker decision-making.

LiDAR mapping takes this a notch higher. Short for Light Detection and Ranging, LiDAR uses laser technology to measure distances and create highly accurate 3D models of the landscape. This advanced mapping technology allows for more precise topographic surveys, contours, and planimetrics.

Multispectral and Thermal Mapping for Enhanced Insights

While LiDAR mapping provides invaluable information about the topographical aspects of a site, multispectral mapping dives into the spectral information. Utilizing various wavelengths, multispectral mapping can identify features that are invisible to the naked eye, such as water stress in vegetation or areas affected by disease.

Thermal mapping, another specialized service offered by Geospatial Northwest, provides temperature data of the surveyed area. This is particularly useful for utility inspections, identifying potential problem areas in utility corridors that could lead to malfunctions or safety hazards.

Utility Corridor Scanning and Utility Mapping for Safer Infrastructure

Geospatial Northwest is also a go-to choice for utility corridor scanning and utility mapping. Accurate data is crucial for the design and maintenance of utility infrastructure like transmission lines. The company works closely with licensed land surveyors to align deliverables to benchmarks, ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability of the data.

3D Models and Planimetrics for Comprehensive Site Understanding

Understanding a project site in three dimensions can provide invaluable insights for land development and environmental design. Geospatial Northwest delivers detailed 3D models, offering a bird's eye view of the terrain and helping in effective project planning.

Planimetrics, on the other hand, provides a 2D representation, outlining features like boundaries, buildings, and roads. This is particularly useful for architects, planners, and engineers who require a detailed layout for their project plans.

Serving a Diverse Client Base

Geospatial Northwest's services are not limited to one industry. Their clients typically include engineering and utility consultants who require services for transmission line design, land development, or environmental design. The company's comprehensive range of services and commitment to accuracy make it a trusted name in the field of geospatial solutions.


In a world where data is king, Geospatial Northwest offers a suite of advanced geospatial services, including drone surveys, LiDAR mapping, multispectral and thermal mapping, and much more. Partnering with licensed land surveyors and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company has set a new standard in the accuracy and reliability of geospatial data.

If you are in the field of engineering, utility, or land development and are in need of top-notch geospatial services, Geospatial Northwest is your one-stop solution.

Multispectral Mapping