Prints made to look like oil and watercolor paintings

I’m a disabled man who creates art on my computer to help support my family and a horse ministry that works with children and adults (including military vets) who have special needs. With very few exceptions, the prints I create are all limited in their production. Once 100 have been sold, that piece is forever out of print.

Thought provoking images can come in many different forms – some are whimsical and abstract while others are more concrete and life-based. I believe art should not only be fun but also something that allows us to build bridges into various communities – from individuals to entire segments of a population. Bringing people together requires empathy and empathy, more often than not, comes from conversation. So, if I can create something (a canvas of a pastel colored horse running through and open field or a painting of a broken heart that is being mended) that gets people to talk, to share, to feel something from another (whether that’s grief of joy or laughter or giddiness) … that is my goal. Prints made to look like oil and watercolor paintings

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