Specialty Tea Calgary


Committed to working with passionate tea estates and organic farms around the world, we connect you to quality, natural and organic teas you deserve – and flavours you love. You’re getting healthy, rare, teas that warm your heart, heal your body and take you on a global adventure.


Tea Monde is a destination for those who are looking for an exceptional tea experience. We hand blend and custom craft a wide selection of all natural and organic loose-leaf teas. Being a family business, we are committed to working ethically with smallholder farms from around the world to create an experience for you. Relationships with you the tea Drinker, and our farming partners are valued equally.

Immerse yourself in a bold black tea from Kenya’s Mount Aberdares. Brew a healing Matcha from Japan. Or unwind with a fragrant white blend from China.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We work with partners all across Canada and United States of America. Specialty Tea Calgary