text splitter by characters

Easy Text Cutting and Dividing with Textslicer.com

Easily Cut and Divide Big Chunks of Text

Easily cut and divide big chunks of text with the Text Slicer tool at Textslicer.com. This tool helps make long texts shorter and easier to handle. It's great for putting extra long text into language models like ChatGPT.

Enjoy Top Privacy While Slitting Your Texts at Textslicer.com!

Your privacy is important. With Textslicer.com, feel calm knowing your text is only processed in your browser. None of your data goes online or is kept anywhere else. We do not have an upload file function, as this process cannot be performed in the browser while maintaining our high standard of privacy. It's not just about making text smaller; it's also about keeping your privacy safe. Stay secure and private with Textslicer.com.

How Textslicer.com Works

  1. Put in the long text you want to make smaller.
  2. Choose a custom length for each small piece if you need to.
  3. Click “Slice text” to divide the text in smaller parts.
  4. Copy the small parts into ChatGPT or any other language model that has size limits.

text splitter by characters