21 days on a secluded island all inclusive

Trikona Yoga Teacher Training is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher. It provides the tools to be the best version of yourself and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life. This training is designed to be incorporated and integrated into your LIFE, so when life gets full, busy, or challenging, you can utilise your INTENTION to reset and restore your sense of equilibrium and purpose.

One of our main goals is for the participant to feel the sense of belonging in a community of likeminded people, where the teacher is teacher in the classroom and student outside, where we raise one another to a higher level of consciousness. A place where the communal energies will flow organically, where people are committed to bring the best out from one another, so that extraordinary awakening can happen.
We are committed to create a space of safety and respect that will acknowledge and allow each individual’s innate equanimity, truth, empathy and joy to grow through the process of learning.

We feel compelled to share the lineage of this practice, as we’ve received it from our teachers. Taking a program like this is a big leap of faith. We honour and respect your commitment by delivering a high quality training.

We are excited to cross paths with you! 21 days on a secluded island all inclusive

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