We work with home construction workers, architects, and homeowners to provide both Manual J and Rescheck Reports. Reschecks determine whether new homes or additions meet the requirements of the IECC or National Energy Code. Essentially, homes have to be insulated at a value that meets each state’s code. To make it easier to see if a home meets this insulation requirement, a rescheck is completed by reviewing building plans and calculating the insulation values to see if it meets those state and federal requirements.

Created by the Air Conditioning Contrators of America (ACCA), Manual J8 Residential Load Calulation” or “Manual J” for short, is a tool that provides detailed requirements for producing residential load calculations for single-family residential homes. These load calculations are then used to get the correct size of heating and cooling equipment in the home. Essentially we are talking about the size of the HVAC equipment needed to properly heat and cool a home.

Both these reports are required to meet the energy code compliance to obtain building permits in all 50 states. Rescheck

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