Teak Garden Furniture

Faraway Furniture’s garden dining sets are all fully machine made, meaning a much more accurate fit. Fully machine made teak garden furniture is more expensive (roughly 50% more expensive in Indonesia) to produce than handmade or semi machine made, due to investment in machinery, technology, training and strict manufacturing and quality control processes. The proportion of contact of wood on wood will be close to 100%, made to fit perfectly and precisely every time. This perfect fit ensures that the strength comes from the tenon and mortice joint, rather than relying on the glue to hold the furniture together. Every piece of our furniture is assembled and then disassembled in our factory, before being packaged in keeping with our quality control process.

Semi-machine made furniture is made using hand powered tools in a factory where components are fitted by hand. The end product is totally dependent on the training, experience and skills of the person making the furniture. Due the high turnover of workers in the ‘factories’ it is extremely difficult to predict the quality of the end product. We do not sell this type of furniture. Nor do we sell handmade furniture, as the required level of accuracy simply cannot be achieved.

Grade A Teak: This term covers usage of the mature heartwood section of the teak timber. It is a uniform ‘warm honey’ colour, close grained, oily to the touch, very dense and rich in protective oils. Burmese Grade A teak will contain mostly a straight grain while Indonesian plantation grade A teak contains more of a unique curvy grain. This grade of teak makes up only 20-25% of a mature log therefore making it far more expensive to purchase (over 12 times more expensive than Grade C timber). Our carefully selected timber is naturally resistant to the elements and can easily last a lifetime. If it isn’t this (and precisely this) we don’t use it. Others may do, if you want to take a chance.

Our teak timber is sourced only from reputable, legal, responsible government controlled plantations (Perum Perhutani) which are harvested at 20 year cycles. Lower quality teak is referred to as ‘village teak’ and often harvested from illegal plantations – We won’t touch this under any circumstances. All our hardware is made of quality stainless steel. All our furniture comes with a 10 year guarantee. We do not have expensive salesmen or showrooms and are able to offer our customers superb quality at competitive prices. Teak Garden Furniture

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